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    New life cine is a hired service provider in order to help the seller of cinema / broadcast gear safely transfer equipment to a new owner with escrow services, marketing and match making. NLC does not own any equipment and is solely acting as a protector and guarantor of both the money being transferred and gear being delivered as promised. By agreeing, you authorize NLC to market and connect to potential buyers on your behalf, share images and information of the equipment, take money in escrow and manage service evaluations and shipping. Unless a written objection is received, funds will be released to the seller 48 hrs after equipment delivery minus the agreed upon commission / percentage. NLC does not collect sales tax on the equipment sold. If seller has reached economic nexus for tax collection in any state, it must be disclosed and added to the sell price. Seller states the gear is their legal property and free and clear of any to liens. If a buyer and seller enter into agreement to make a sale, and the buyer pays shipping cost for the gear to be evaluated at a service provider but then the seller decides to no longer sell their equipment after process has started, the buyer shall be reimbursed for those costs.


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