TLS Meru Anamorphic (Shiga / Leica) 3 Lens Set- 40, 50, 80mm


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TLS Meru Anamorphic (Shiga / Leica) 3 Lens Set
40mm t2.3 cf 3’4”
50mm t2.3 cf 2’4”
80mm t1.7 cf 3’
TLS rehoused vintage Shiga anamorphic block rehoused with Leica M and Leica R. 
The Meru uses vintage Leica rangefinder optics for its taking lenses giving them a rich color tone and ability to reproduce fine details with medium contrast and sharpness for a unique anamorphic look. The original vintage coatings give a nice veiling glare effect as well as a lot of lens flares when hit the right way. These Special lenses use the exact same anamorphic optics as the JDC Cooke Crystal (Xtal) Express,  Todd AO High Speed, Cineovision and Cooke Technovision. They are characterized by beautiful bokeh, separation, and natural image rendering missing in many modern lenses. The lenses have low geometric distortion and no periscoping effects found in other lenses like kowas and lomos.

All lenses cover 1:1 Aspect ratio on the Mini LF. 75 and up cover 2.40 on open gate on Mini LF/ Venice. 


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